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head transplant experiment
for solo computer
duration : 15'00 (approx.)

Live at Radio France
9 February 2008
(excerpt ~4-9 min.)

Every moment you are born, decay and die.
– Buddha


A poster-sized photo, black and white, grainy, dim, obscure. One can distinguish the head and upper body of a monkey. Around the monkey's neck is a heavy metal band with bolts; protruding from it are various tubes and wires. On the monkey's face is an expression of immeasurable, unspeakable agony.

Below, in enormous black capitals: HEAD TRANSPLANT EXPERIMENT.

Vacchagotta comes to the Buddha and asks: “Venerable Gotama, is there a Soul/Self?” The Buddha is silent. “Then Venerable Gotama, is there no Soul/Self?” Again the Buddha is silent. Vacchagotta gets up and goes away.

Comissioned by Ina/GRM 2008.
Instrument developent and composition at GRM and at STEIM.