benjamin thigpen

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  études au mouvant, 2e livre 1994
for 8-channel electromagnetic media
duration : 13'55

(excerpt 0'00-3'05) 

Brightnesshunger – with it
I walked up the bread-
step, under
the blindness-

it, water-
claps itself over
the freedom that climbed with
me, that with me climbed
too high, on which
one of the heavens gorged itself,
that I let vault above
the worddrenched
image orbit, blood orbit.

– Paul Celan

step,under is an exploration of the polyphony and heterophony of time.

What do I mean. Time is multiple. And not just because it is passing in a certain way now and will pass differently tomorrow (Bergson). Time is always already passing differently, time is always already other – non-identical, differing from itself. And music cuts it open like a knife, passing into its organs, arriving at its tiniest particles – shimmering, vibrating, shifting – flying along rapidly and motionless...

Composed at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales [Paris] using the M.A.R.S. workstation and Pro Tools; spatialized in eight channels by my program Octopode.

Commissioned by Ina-GRM, 1998.

step,under was awarded a mention in the contest Métamorphoses 2000.