benjamin thigpen





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  still 2009
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  head transplant experiment 2008
  malfunction30931 2007
  undertow 2006
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  dédale 1994
  études au mouvant, 2e livre 1994


for 5.1 channel electromagnetic media
duration : 34'

still i (0'00 – 6'52)

           Calm like the sea;
           Like a high wind that never ceases.
                                 – Lao Tzu


The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness.
Only when there is stillness in movement
can the spiritual rhythm appear which pervades heaven and earth.
                                – Ts'ai-ken t'an




The sounds for still were recorded in April 2007 at the Visby International Center for Composers (Visby, Sweden); the piece was composed in 2009 at Visby, at EMS (Stockholm) and at GRM (Paris). All the sounds are used without transformation; the only processes applied are filtering and reverberation.

Infinite thanks to Jesper Elén, to Mirjam Tally, to Ramon Anthin, to Mats Lindström, to Isabel Thomson and to Christian Zanési.

Comissioned by InaGRM 2009.