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for acoustic instrument and computer

Interpreted and performed
by Jean-François Laporte
for Tu-Yo and computer
11 November 2010
Discord Proving Ground, chapter 8.0
Ochiai Soup, Tokyo


     Verb. 1) To change or cause to change direction. To move something so that it is in a different position in relation to its surroundings. To change the position of one's body so that one is facing in a different direction. 2) To change in nature, state, form, or color; to become. To cause to change in such a way; to cause to become.
     Noun. 1) A change of direction when moving. A development or change in circumstances or a course of events. A time when one specified period of time ends and another begins. A bend or curve in a road, path, river, etc. A place where a road meets or branches off another. 2) A short performance.” (New Oxford American Dictionary.)

turn imposes a process and a procedure. Within this framework, the musician is free to do nearly anything he wants. Thus to interpret the work is really to become a co-creater of an original piece of music. Jean-François Laporte, who commissioned the work, has prepared a particularly striking interpretation for Tu-Yo, an instrument of his own invention. In this performance, I am controlling the sound diffusion.

Comissioned by Totem Contemporain 2010.